Often, I work for communication agencies or designers. They come up with a concept or design and I create the front-end for the WordPress website. I turn the idea or design into a well functioning website. Also, I regularly work in a project team of experts where we work together on creating extensive, tailormade websites.

For small organisations and independant professionals I design and build complete websites with WordPress. I love to make websites voor creative professionals, social companies and non-profit organisations working on sustainability.


I like to work together with you or your project team on a website. Often there is already a lot of knowledge available that we can use to create the site. In that case I assist with the work you or your team can not do. Or I help out if you simply lack the time to do it all yourself.

stucture and design

At the start I like to have a good look together at the way the site is going to be organised, like the content structure and site navigation. After that I can take care of the design and implementation. If you have one, I can also work with your current brand designer. Your designer can design the site based on your existing branding, and subsequently I turn the design into a WordPress theme for your website.

network colleagues

If there are special needs for your website I can appeal to a network of colleagues to get things done. Think of communication professionals and designers for branding. For website content we can ask some photographers, writers or video editors. Once the site is live we can get an online marketeer for specialized promotion of the site via social media or newsletters. Or for further optimisation of the findability of the site in Google.