Techionista Academy

We empower women through technology


Voicing a sustainable world

Joint Purpose

Gerrit de Vries helps your organisation build meaningful international collaborations

IM-SAFE project

Envisioning a new standard for monitoring, maintenance and safety of transport infrastructure

NLC Health

The European Healthtech Venture Builder

Safety Training for Female Journalists

Training integrating digital security, physical safety and well-being

Ineke van Doorn & Marc van Vught

A mixture of lyrical, original jazz songs and adventurous, sound orientated improvisations

FPU Knowledge & Quality

People deserve to now, the resource space of Free Press Unlimited

Hedge for Humanity

Making worldwide basic income a reality


Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development

ICT Research

Scientific researchers in ICT

Tagworks Pharmaceuticals

Striving to lower the hurdle to success against solid tumors

Weckhuysen Research Group

Rationally designed catalysis for a more sustainable society

Wibo Koole

Feel like the world is passing you by as you rush through another workday? What you need is focus.

Joost Lijbaart

Joost Lijbaart is a versatile drummer: jazz, pop and improvised music

Friends of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

Friends association for top quality (in dutch)


All-in-one beauty experience with natural products (in dutch)

Saskia Coolen

Everything for the musical story


for a pure and strong brand

Sustainable Finance Lab

Bridging theory and practice

NME nearby

Life long learning for nature, environment and sustainability (in dutch)

MCEC Research Center

Syngas and methane chemistry, biomass conversion and solar fuels

Fw: books

Independent publisher with a focus on photography