NWO Life congress

A brand new, unique, national congress covering the Dutch Life Sciences in the widest sense of the word


Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development


Making sustainability work!

ICT Research

Scientific researchers in ICT


Chemical building blocks for a sustainable future


Artist work relating to the landscape and natural environment

Tagworks Pharmaceuticals

Striving to lower the hurdle to success against solid tumors

Weckhuysen Research Group

Rationally designed catalysis for a more sustainable society

Wibo Koole

Feel like the world is passing you by as you rush through another workday? What you need is focus.

Joost Lijbaart

Joost Lijbaart is a versatile drummer: jazz, pop and improvised music

Friends of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

Friends association for top quality (in dutch)


All-in-one beauty experience with natural products (in dutch)


Cloud- en infrastructure services (in Dutch)

De Spreng . Energy

Personal leadership, therapy and mindfulness (in dutch)

General practice center

Enschede-Oldenzaal for emergencies (in dutch)

Saskia Coolen

Everything for the musical story


for a pure and strong brand

Sustainable Finance Lab

Bridging theory and practice

Seas of Change

Scaling inclusive agri-food markets

NME nearby

Life long learning for nature, environment and sustainability (in dutch)

de Heer & Co

Communication about nature and environment (in dutch)

MCEC Research Center

Syngas and methane chemistry, biomass conversion and solar fuels

Fw: books

Independent publisher with a focus on photography

National monument Kamp Vught

Remembering is reflecting